Sample letter to your mother telling her why you dislike the life in a boarding school

Dearest mother,

I was very glad to receive your letter. I read it again and again and it made me homesick. It seems that years have passed since I met you though I have returned to my hostel the last month. I feel sick to remember my days in school where I return home every afternoon.

I do not like life in a boarding school. It is like a dorm too in which there are about twenty boys. Some of the boys are mannered-mannered but a few of them are not nice. They play nasty jokes on us. Since we are junior, we cannot dare to protest their behaviour, lest we are tortured. When the master comes to visit us, all are in proper place and pose disciplined behaviour. Hence, he knows nothing. The big boys make hue and cry. We cannot study in peaceful atmosphere. They command us in every matter. It seems we have no life of our own. Except three-four boys I like none. I am vexed with this life.


Please ask Dad to put me in some good hostel.

With love.

Your loving son,