Sample letter to your friend telling him about your hobby

Dear Rohan,

Thanks for your letter. It has since long time that I did not receive your letter. I was glad to read your letter. It gives me all the pleasure that you have joined a coaching institute of table tennis. Certainly it is good. It will give you a change from reading and refresh you for all the hard work. Above all, it is both entertaining and rewarding, for table tennis is fast gaining popularity. It is the best use of leisure time.

I have also found new ways to utilise my leisure time. As you know, nature has been a source of pleasure for me. It is really an interesting hobby. It keeps you engaged as well as fit and healthy. When you dig and prepare ground for plants, a lot of physical work is involved. As the plants grow, you find pleasure. Your heart blooms to see a blooming plant. Garden also brings you closer to nature. I have maintained my garden. When you will be in my garden, you cannot stop appreciating me.


It is interesting to know how I chose gardening as my hobby. I happened to visit my uncle who lives in Shimla. He has a big well-maintained garden. My uncle has devoted lots of his time, energy and money in his garden. I was impressed to see the beauty of nature there. It was at his inspiration that I chose gardening as my hobby. Really, it was the best decision. I enjoy it greatly.

I have lots to discuss. But we will discuss more when we meet.

Your loving friend,