Sample letter to your friend telling him about your favorite game

Dear Rohit,

Thanks for your letter that makes me familiar with your choice of game. In this respect, my preference is different from yours. As you enjoy cricket, I take interest in football, hockey and table tennis, but not cricket.

Cricket does not suit my interest. It is too slow. I like hockey and football. They are good for limbs. We need lots of stamina and strength to play the games of hockey and football. Above all, they do not take too much time as it takes in cricket. To enjoy the game of cricket, one needs to spend the whole long day. But football and hockey are games of a few hours.


Among indoor games, table tennis is the best. It gives you plenty of exercise. It is good for eyes. It sharpens our brain. It keeps our brain and thinking power in action. It keeps one physically and mentally fit. Badminton appears to me childish. Of all the indoor games, I am absorbed in the game of table tennis.

Probably your taste must have turned bitter for me, but I don’t mind. We are best friend despite all differences in preferences, choice and opinions.

Yours very sincerely,