Sample letter to your friend sympathizing with him as he t has failed the Board Examination

Dear Nitin,

I am extremely sorry to know that you have failed in the Board Examination. I understand your feeling now. However, be cool and calm and take it positively.

There is no doubt that you have been a brilliant and hardworking student all along your career. You have been very sincere and studious also. We all know it is not the result of P any lapse on your part. It was your illness that made all your efforts meaningless. Your suffering from typhoid brought you this result. It is quite natural that we can do nothing in such situation. One cannot devote himself to his studies when one it is bed-ridden due to prolonged illness, particularly at a time when one needs to be more studious.


But never lose heart. Failures are the pillars to success. You should work harder from the beginning. You will definitely p pass with flying colours. You should be very careful for your health and fitness. Best wishes for a bright future.

Yours sincerely,