Dear Veeru,

I hope you are doing great in your life.

As you know my result will be out within a month. I have done well in all my papers. I am confident of getting more than 90 per cent marks in all my subjects. But I am a little bit confused about what to choose as a profession.

You know I have great fascination for a career in medical science. I have been good at the study of science since my early childhood. Besides, a doctor is the custodian of national health. He helps the suffering humanity.


He is the centre of hope for the diseased and his family. But my father wants me to be a CA. But I do not have any interest in the study of commerce. On the other hand, my mother wants that I should become an engineer. Though I am good at the study of mathematics, yet I am not interested in pursuing my career in engineering. In this way, I have been caught in a dilemma, what to do.

I, therefore, seek your help. Please guide me in this regard. Your advice will decide my career. Earlier, I have always sought your help and your guidance has always help.Thanking you,

Your loving friend, Rohit