Sample Letter to Newspaper Editor, Complaining Against a Ration Dealer


This is a sample letter to the editor of a local newspaper, complaining against a ration dealer who does not supply the necessary quantity of ration regularly.


The Editor


Newspaper Name



I beg to bring to the kind notice of the concerned authorities through the esteemed columns of your daily the following facts regarding the dealer of the ration in oar locality.


According to the monthly quota fixed by the Supply Department, I am expected to get 23 kgs of wheat, 5 kgs of sugar and 20 kgs of rice every month. But the dealer disappoints me saying that the quota has decreased. He does not give me the commodities according to the quota fixed by the Supply Department. He sometimes threatens me to stop the entire quota and returns my card to me. I came to know from other people, that he is selling almost fifty percent of commodities received by him every month to the local grocers at a very high rate and is thus cheating the public.

I, therefore, request the authorities to take necessary steps to punish the concerned dealer and to ensure the supply of adequate quantity of ration every month.

Yours faithfully,

Your Name

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