The Editor

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Dear Sir,


I recently came across a table in your esteemed newspaper regarding the annual increase in number of vehicles in major Indian cities.

In the absence of any automobile policy in the country, the rate of growth of the vehicles has been tremendous and haphazard. This has put a severe strain on the existing network of roads, bridges and relating infrastructure. They are offering various one year Diploma/PG diploma courses in various health and medicine related areas. Among the course that have been offered is Psychological Counseling and Family Life Education. Another fall out of this growth in the vehicles is the enhasment of air pollution levels in all the cities of India.

If one were go by the percentage figure available in the table alone, one would find that there is an overall increase of 85% in the number of vehicles in major metropolitan cities. Chennai takes the lead in registering 36.7% followed by Delhi with 18.2% growth in vehicles.

The spiraling number of vehicles besides spewing poisonous gases in air has also led to an increase in the number of respiratory tract diseases in young and old. Urgent steps and needed to control the increasing vehicular traffic pollutions. If we are to hope for the healthy environment to live in and a healthy generation of citizens to work for progress of our country.


Thanking you

Yours sincerely