The Editor

Hindustan Times,



Date …………

Dear Sir,

I read your newspaper article on the celebration of birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

It saddened my heart to read about the superficial manner in which the celebrations were held. Should the birth of ancient times such a man of love has been called a ‘Mahatma ‘in India and the film ‘Gandhiji’.


Gandhiji, with his simple lifestyle and he lacked the courage to plead a case in the court. He could not conduct the very first case. He was deeply disappointed in the profession. He could not get any suitable work. At last he returned to Rajkot. His brother too was disappointed. Though Gandhi was unwilling he called on the Political Agent and pleaded the case. He was warned that it was improper to make such a plea. For them to be vanquished concrete and courageous reforms need to be reactivated.

Einstein had once remarked – “Generation to come to scarce believe that such a one as this ever walked upon this earth with flesh and blood.” Gandhi now became a world-renowned person. He was considered by many famous persons in the West as an incarnation of Jesus Christ. It is only that then that our homage to Gandhiji will be true and sincere.

Thanking you

You’re sincerely