Sample Complaint Letter to Travel Agency for Sending You Wrongs Tickets


Street Address


Mr. …………………


Agency Name

Dear Sir,

I am pained to inform you that my travel plans have been jeapordised, on account of carelessness shown by your staff booking the tickets. I had requested your manager, Mr. Sharma, to book a two-tier AC ticket for Delhi by Shatabdi Express, for 9th September. Today to my horror, I was delivered a ticket for the 11th of September that is of no use to me.

I have to be in Delhi on 10th mornings to attend a seminar in which I am presenting a paper. It was on account of this, I had booked my ticket a week in advance, as I did not want to risk getting a waitlisted ticket. I am hereby returning the ticket and would like you to immediately arrange for a confirmed ticket, for 9th by Shatabdi express or any other suitable train. I shall expect an immediate response, confirming the status of my ticket by today evening. This is imperative, for I have to confirm my travel plan to my host. Besides I have to make other necessary arrangements that I am unable to do now.


Meanwhile you should investigate as to how this happened and ensure that t doe; not recur in future. This would be in your own business interest, so that clients like me do not ,suffer inconvenience on account of lapses at your end.

Thanking you,

Yours truly, S. Sharma

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