Sample Complaint Letter to Electricity Department Regarding Low Voltage and Frequent Irregularity in Electric Supply



The Sub-Divisional Officer

Sub-Division Name


Subject: Low Voltage and Irregularity in the Supply of Electricity.


We, the following consumers of electricity belonging to the Village …………………… (Name), beg to inform you that there is frequent failure of electricity for hours together in our Village. We have been complaining it since a year but there is no result. It fails regularly in the evening hour. If at all it is supplied late at night, low voltage does not permit our fans to operate. It puts us into great difficulties. The children who are going to face their examination the next week are the first victims. Due to low voltage, rice mills are not able to function, it also causes troubles for the all.

We, therefore, request you to kindly take early steps to check this problem. We shall be grateful to you for such help.


Yours faithfully,

The villagers of …………………… (Village name)

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