My dear Sheela Madam,

I am really sorry to know that our dog Poppy has spoiled some of your rose and other plants. I know how proud you are of your garden. Poppy is a well-behaved pet, and I am at a loss as to what made it to adventure in your garden last Sunday.

However, I have taken measures to keep it confined to our house so that it may possibly never run off into your garden. I am sincerely sorry and apologise. I shall send my Gardner to see how best to make amends for the flower beds, etc which you so carefully and personally attend to. My gardener comes on Thursday. Therefore, it would be very kind of you to let me know what time is convenient to you on the Thursday next.

I shall also be grateful if you please accept a few of my rose plants as a compensation, which I would send with my gardener.


I can assure you of my full neighborly co-operation and good will.

Yours sincerely,