Dear Subhash,

You will be glad to know that I have done my final papers well. Though I expect a good percentage of marks, the result is awaited yet.

In your previous letter, you sounded curious to know what I intended to do after my examination. Well, as you know I like reading literature and have been keenly interested in our language. So I, together with a few friends of the same interest, have decided to launch a small magazine. Don’t be shocked. It will not be the kind of magazine you see in the market with glossy cover page and good printing. It will simply be a small children’s magazine containing stories written by children only. And we shall get the whole magazine typed and photo stated. Infact we have already begun working on this small project of ours.

It may sound odd but it certainly is a creative work by which we can at least tell the people of our locality what children are capable of. I need your good wishes for it.


What will you do in the vacations? Please let me know.

With best wishes,

Affectionately yours.