Letter to your friend advising him to develop a habit of reading literature


Dear Sumer,

I hope you are happy, healthy and gay as ever. Yesterday, I ran into your mother in the market. I was surprised to see her in the town. She said she had come to do some shopping. But she was anxious about you and your habit of wandering outside. According to her, you keep wasting your time in roaming around with boys of low repute and you have even started following their steps.

Dear friend, life is beautiful and time is fleeting away. Don’t let it slip off just like that. Try to utilise it in reading good literature. Your mind will then roam around in the realm of imagination and will experience such things which you cannot even think of. Literature is not only a pleasure; it is a solace to the human soul and a feast for human mind.


By reading various books you will come to know how different people behaved in different circumstances. It will increase your knowledge as well as give you a moral maturity. I implore you to begin with Prem Chand’s stories. They are profound, amusing and educative too.

I hope you will follow my advice and will not take it otherwise. My regards for your parents and best wishes for you.

Yours affectionately,

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