Letter to Mother from School Hostel


Dear Mamma,

I always think of the sweet home and sweeter mamma. But please forgive me for not writing to you for quite some time. In fact, I was too busy in my term tests and could not find time to write to you. In the evening, when I take my meals in the hostel mess, I think of you all the more. The way you prepared so delicious, dishes for me and sat by me feeding these delicacies is difficult to forget. The food provided here is good and satisfactory.

I have quite a few friends here and enjoy games and studies with them. They all are co-operative, friendly and nice, and study in the same class and section in which I do. Like me, they too, sometimes feel homesick. Of these, one, Mr. Mahesh Mishra, from Ajmer is very close and interesting. At home he is called Monte. Monte is very intelligent, sensible and sensitive. He reciprocates my love and friendship in the same way and measure. He is also my room-mate in the hostel. We spend much of our spare time together, enjoying and sharing each other’s experiences, feelings and jokes.


Dear mother, do not worry about me. 1 am quite comfortable here, though I miss you all so much and so deeply. I shall be writing to you as often as I can. In case you do not receive my replies in time, you need not worry at all. Sometimes I feel sad to think of you. You have grown thin and weak of late you must take proper rest and medicines, and act according to the advice of our family doctor.

Mount Abu is a charming place with cool and salubrious climate. Come here this summer before my vacation, and sees for yourself how nice it is to live here in the mountains. Moreover it is a very religious place with many ancient and famous temples and shrines.

I hope father is well and happy, and doing roaring business. Please accept my regards and love to you. Remember me nicely to dear father and convey to him my best regards. Give a basketful of my love to Neenah, the naughty sister in frocks. Mow is our dog Tipu?

Yours lovingly,

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