Thank you for your brief but very interesting letter received day-before-yesterday. You have asked me what career or course 1 want to pursue after the result is out of the Central Board of Secondary Education, and the new academic session begins.

Truly speaking, I have yet not decided what career or course I should choose. Sometimes there is lively discussion about my future course of studies between my parents. My mother wants that i should study law and become a lawyer. She feels that by becoming a lawyer my Laments for the analysis, argument and logical judgment, which she thinks I have in plenty, would have full scope for their fruition and expression. My mother’s father, taffies my grandfather from her side, has been a very famous lawyer.

But my father wants that I should study medicine and become a doctor. He feels that the profession of doctor is a noble one, as it involves service of the sick, diseased and the weak. He is of the opinion that doctors are in great demand, particularly in towns and villages, to serve the rural poor and weaker sections of the society. And it is a golden opportunity for a young man like me to undertake something appreciable and desirable by becoming a doctor in some remote village of the country.

Thus, it is clear that I must choose one of these two professions. What is your advice in the matter? Should 1 become a lawyer or a doctor? Write to me what is your future planning. I think you have great liking for journalism, particular photo-journalism. Already you are an expert photographer, and have won a number of prizes for your so excellent photography.


With my best regards to your parents, I look forward to your immediate reply and advice.

Yours ever,