Letter to a Friend Inviting him to spend the Summer Vacation with you at the Hill Station


My Dear Rajendra,

You would be glad to know that I am here with my elder brother Qaurav Mishra. My brother is an I.A.S. Officer here, and lives in a decent and big house at the above address. It is a government cottage and very nicely located in the shadow of a majestic peak. It is very cool, pleasant and comfortable here.

Neonatal is the Queen of the Hill Stations, and is situated around the emerald and fascinating Naini Lake. This beauty spot was discovered by chance, by a British traveller named Mr. Barrow in 1841. You will like and enjoy here very much, i request you to come over here and spend the rest of the summer vacation with me. My brother would be pleased to see you. I am extending this invitation to you with my brother’s due permission. We both shall have a very nice time here.


Have drawn up a programme for visits, etc., to various spots of interest here, during your stay. We shall visit Nain Peak, Larisa Kenta, and Land’s End etc. There are many fascinating and beautiful mountain-peaks, picnic spots and lakes. The boating in the Naini Lake is really a wonderful experience. During night the lake turns into a magic mirror reflecting the rows of lights dancing in the water. The road around the lake provides people a heaven to chat, to ramble, to ride and keep a date with one another.

It would be a new, refreshing and fascinating experience for you to be here with me. Besides enjoying fun, frolic and sight-skein, we shall prepare our lessons and do home-work.

The place is 322 krill from Delhi and there are many buses for Neonatal. You can easily reach nerve. Please let me know the date and time of your arrival here. I shall be ready to receive you at the bus-stand. I am impatiently waiting for your immediate reply. I hope you will not disappoint me. Please do come at least for a week or ten days.

You’re lovingly

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