Sample letter to the newspaper editor protesting against setting up a paper mill at your locality







Dear Sir

Subject: Setting up of a paper mill at Srutipur

I am writing this letter to invite the attention of the concerned authorities towards the strong disapproval of the public against setting up a paper mill in Srutipur. The site proposed for the mill is not at all appropriate. This area is nestled between a beautiful forest. There is a lake in front of it. The natural reserves along with the Lepashki River add glory to this place. The tourist complex on the north island with water sports facilities is one of the best in this state. The tourists come from all over the world for seeing the uniqueness of the place. It is a heaven in terms of natural beauty, sylvan surroundings, beaches and natural lakes. The forests have some of the rare species of flora and fauna. If the mill is set up here, this nature’s gift will vanish. Air and water shall be polluted. The mill shall have an adverse effect on the health of the people. It shall simply be a blot on the landscape.


There is another place which suits the setting up of the paper mill to the east of Srutipur. There already exists a power house there. The second river will serve to float logs down it to the Mill. A network of roads exists there. The industrial area is at a distance of 20 kms from here. There shall be absolutely no problem for the setting up of the Mill there.

I hope the Ministry of Forest Conservation will look into the matter and cancel the license to set up a mil here. Setting up a mill here is against what the countries at international level are trying for conserving forests.

Yours faithfully,


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