Letter of grievance to the President of Municipal Committee of Delhi



It seems that you have never paid a visit to the areas situated in West Delhi, otherwise the necessity of writing this letter might not have risen.

I, on behalf of the residents of Tilak Nagar, want to complain about the insanitary conditions of our locality and the careless attitude of the committee’s workers which adds to our inconvenience.


The scavengers do not sweep the roads regularly. They carry the garbage and dump in some place or the other. The garbage carriage is seldom seen taking the dirt away. Consequently the locality is filled with stinking mud and heaps of garbage.

Seeing this awfully bad condition and proliferation of mosquitoes, when our residential welfare society’s members scold the scavengers, they retort in anger and became more arrogant and careless in their duty.

Please take proper steps to solve this problem of ours lest an epidemic should break out.

Thanking You

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