Here is the secret of writing amazing Invitation acceptance letters. Learn the best ways to write perfect letters on this category.

It is not a very long letter. The details are left for the meeting (?). Thus, try to be as brief as possible.

Start your letter by acknowledgment:

1. Received in today’s mail the invitation of your brother’s marriage.


2. Thank you for your invitation to attend the wedding of your son/ daughter/ brother/ sister to be solemnized on

3. It was nice of you to invite me to attend……..

4. Ramesh just now conveyed to me your invitation to the dance party.

5. I have received your note regarding a dinner party at your place.


6. Thanks a lot for the invitation to your birthday party.

7. My wife joins me in thanking you for your invitation to the dinner party.

8. We are thankful to you for the kind invitation to your daughter’s marriage.

9. My children are quite thrilled by your invitation to Ranjana’s birthday party.


Convey acceptance with a note of gladness:

10. Of course, I will come to the function.

11. How can I miss the engagement/ wedding of such a dear friend?

12. In fact, all of us have been eagerly waiting for this great day.


13. The question of not joining does not arise.

14. My daughter, Divya, has already bought a new set of dress for the occasion.

15. Thanks a lot for your kind invitation.

16. You don’t know how thrilled everybody is on receiving the invitation.


17. It will be my pleasure to be present on this occasion.

In the end express your pleasure on getting a chance for a personal get-together.

18. More when we meet.

19. Looking forward to meeting/ seeing you.


20. I am sure it is going to be very exciting.

21. Just wait till I meet you. I am bursting with news about our common friends.

22. I hope to enjoy your company soon.

23. Please be present at the station at 9.00 a.m.

24. Please confirm whether you will wait for us at the station or not.

25. Looking forward to this day with full of happiness.

Sample Letter

Dear ………………… (Name)

I have received your note regarding dinner party at your place. Of course, I will come to the function. More when we meet.


Sincerely, Your Name