Sometimes you need to write urgent enquiry letters about Raw Material Supply. Below you can get lucid information on it.


1. We are large scale distributors of kitchenware and now propose to manufacture a variety of crockery and other modern kitchenware.

2. We are leading steel utensil makers of north India and import steel sheets from West Germany.


3. We are leading manufacturer of synthetic cloth of different varieties and require large quantities of nylon and terrene yarn for the purpose.

4. We have recently started manufacture of small rubber items like rubber bands, erasers and chappals. Thus, we require natural rubber in bulk supplies.

5. At present we are manufacturing men’s wear. As such we require fabrics of diverse qualities and designs on regular basis.

Inquiry about supplies:


6. Please let us know at the earliest if you could supply us extruded raw plastic to meet our requirements?

7. As we plan to go in for import substitution shortly, can you meet our heavy demand of steel sheets of the following specifications?

8. Will you be able to supply us yarn as per our requirements.

9. Please let us know up to what extent can you meet our requirements? The details are given below.


10. Kindly send samples of your production range with details about supply capacity. Close:

11. On getting your positive response we shall give you our requirements and other particulars.

12. If you can meet our requirements, please let us know at the earliest your terms and conditions regarding prices, trade-discount, delivery schedule etc.

13. We hope your terms and conditions are reasonable and we have a lasting business relationship.


14. Before dispatching the consignment please inform us how you are sending it.