How to write Business Inquiry Letters?


Do you want to learn the secret of writing phenomenal Business Inquiry Letters? Here is the article for teaching you the art of writing brilliant trade inquiry letters.

Dealer’s First Inquiry from Manufacturer about his Product Introductory:

1. We have come across the advertisements about your domestic appliances in various magazines and newspapers.


2. Of late we have been watching with interest for your advertisement on television about the readymade garments for children and cotton shirts.

3. We have come across your advertisement in the “Industrial Journal” and understand that you are one of the major manufacturers of machine tools/office furniture/handlooms.

4. Thank you for the literature you have sent to us about your hardware products.

5. I have been informed about your high quality products by my friend, Mr. Gulab Sharma, who is one of your customers.


Ask for detailed information about the product:

6. Could you provide us with more details about their range, size, quality, prices etc. and send us samples through your representative?

7. Please send us samples and more information about their prices, quality, range etc.

8. Are the parts used in your machines indigenous or imported?


9. Our requirements are of 15 mm. bolts. Do you manufacture this size? Can you supply us this size?

10. As we plan to place a huge order, please let us know what is the maximum quantity you can supply us by the end of January.

11. We attach much value to the sample. It is a must before placing the orders.

12. We understand that you manufacture silk saris and would supply us 100 pieces within 15 days.


13. How long will you take to deliver the goods as per our order? We would like to have the supply within 15 days.

14. What is the mode of transport to send the goods at the earliest? We want to place an early order and get the supplies within a week.

15. Time factor is very important. It is ascertained before we place orders for the supply of goods. We stick to it strictly.

Give information about yourself:


16. We are one of the largest dealers in quality bolts in this area and wish to expand our range of stocks.

17. We are the only big dealer of electrical gadgets in Bilaspur, and we would like to stock the latest items of this type.

18. We deal in all types of hand-tools and wish to be up to date about new products.

19. We are one of the biggest furniture suppliers to the government agencies in our area.

20. We have direct approach to the industries and they always look eagerly to us for supply. The brochure enclosed tells all about our organisation.

21. We have only last year acquired the dealership of Escorts Tractors, and we want to stock the ancillaries.

Ask about trade terms:

22. Kindly let us know your terms of trade and the best discount on large orders.

23. On what terms can you supply us the goods?

24. State in your reply your terms of payment as well as trade discount.

25. Please let us know at the earliest about the extra charges for the transportation of goods.

26. Mention clearly the discount on the goods and terms of payments.

27. Can you please arrange to insure the goods before dispatch?

Any other enquiry:

28. Will you be able to manufacture the items if we specify the size, shape, weight, colour and range?

29. Do you have any dealer in our district?

30. Will you kindly send us information on various manufactures of your line? It will help us in future for a comparative study.

Mention your own specialties, if any:

31. We are eagerly waiting for an early response from you.

32. Payments are through our bankers, Bank of India, as mentioned in the letter.

33. Our practice is to make payments within a week after the arrival of goods.

34. We have been dealing in hand-tools for the last 10 years.

35. We have regard for the business relationship once created. We hope we will have a lasting association.

Mention other conditions, if so desired:

36. Prices quoted should be f.o.b or f.o.r.

37. We shall require delivery of the material at our plant in Faridabad.

38. Payment of goods received is made through our bankers.

Close of the letter:

39. If the goods are to our satisfaction we hope we will have a permanent business relationship.

40. As the matter is urgent we would appreciate an early reply, preferably within a week.

41. As our expansion plans are afoot we require the information at the earliest.

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