How to write Bio-data?


Who else wants to learn the art of writing a perfect Bio-date? Here are few self-tested ways to do so.


Date ………………


Present Address

Permanent Address

Educational Qualification (B.A. (Hons) English from Delhi University in ……… (Year))

Securing 76 % marks.


Did a one year course of Secretarial Practice at

Reliance Secretarial Institute,

Working Experience

General Qualifications


Personal Details

New Delhi. Acquired proficiency in:

Business correspondence, Shorthand, Typing, Operating Computers, & Secretarial Practice. Shorthand/Typing speed: 120 / 60 w.p.m. respectively.

Have been working with Bright Light Company, New Delhi, as Office Assistant for 11/2 years. The job involves handling of routine correspondence, filing taking dictation and answering visitors’ queries.


Can speak Hindi, Punjabi and Marathi fluently and have working knowledge of Gujarati and Bengal.

Excellent health: Have been a good player of hockey during college days.

Present Emoluments

Salary Expected


The present trend is slightly different. Mostly the applicants send a bio-data to the prospective employer along-with a Covering Letter. This Covering Letter may be as small as that of two-three sentences, but in the style of a formal letter. A few examples of such letters are given below:

Sample Cover Letters


Dear Sir,

With reference to your advertisement in the times of India dated ………………, for the post of an Executive Secretary, I wish to offer my candidature.

I am closing a copy of my bio-data for your perusal and kind consideration.

I hope to hear from you about the date of interview.

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Sir,

In response to your advertisement in the Employment News dated ………………, for the position of an Accountant, I would like to apply for the same.

I am sending herewith a copy of my resume/curriculum vitae for your consideration.

Could you let me have an interview with you at an early date

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Sir,

I have come to know through reliable sources that there exists a vacant post of Sales Engineer in your esteemed organization.

Please find enclosed a copy of my resume for your perusal and kind consideration.

Should you require any further information; the same will be provided to you at the time of interview.

Hope to hear from you,

Yours sincerely,

Let us study how to frame a good resume, in the latest style, which is the first interface of a candidate with the potential employer:

I. The employer should get an idea by the first glance itself. Thus make it briefer and stick to the points only. Ideally a resume should be of one page or maximum two.

II. Sell you using friendly language, addressing only the employer’s need, without using large paragraphs and repetitions.

III. Make the ‘experience portion’ clearer, mentioning how long, in what capacity, and what you have done for the previous organizations. It has to be specific, measurable, action oriented and realistic.

IV. be candid and unambiguous so that the employers feel comfortable in hiring your services.

V. Don’t write much about your hobbies and interests, age, height, weight etc. unless it is relevant to the position.

VI. Make it neat; clean, in good stationery absolutely error-free.

VII. Avoid using the pronoun ‘I’ like “I have conducted…etc.” Use only “conducted ….”

The sample resume of a senior level Executive Secretary in the latest style:



Ph. Resi: 91-11-223344

Email: [email protected]

Experience: 15 years of service as Executive Secretary Personal Secretary Etc. providing support to Senior Management functionaries in large Indian Corporate Houses and Multi-Nationals. (Starting from the latest is as below):

I. Currently (for last 3 years) attached to the Managing Director, PSI Net Consoling Solutions, and a $2 billion multi-national with HQs in US, as Executive Secretary. Bes des routine Secretarial Tasks, work include coordination, communication with companies and counter-parts spread across UK globe, team-oriented assignments, drafting and editing of key materials,’ handling MD’s personal work etc.

II. 3 1/2 years in Xerox as Secretary to GM-HRI and then CEO-Staff Affairs. Besides Secretary”updated and edited the Company’s Persona Policy Manual; Designed and implemented events and programmes, arranged residential and non-residential Training Programmes arc Management Development Programmes, preparation of Minutes and Training related materials, Maintained interaction communication with Company’s JV partners excelled in drafting and editing key and critical business related correspondence.

III. Six years in Godrej (an Indian Giant giant group) as a Steno Secretary, where besides Secretarial Work, had to handle customers all over the world.

IV. Three years in Camphor and Allied Ltd. as a Steno-Typist. Work included Inter- Company/ Departmental coordination and Office Work, liaison with Import, Export and Insurance people.


B.Com from the University of Kerala. Pre-Degree Course in the first division and First Rank in the district.

Tech. Qualifications

Kerala Govt. Technical Examination Diploma in Typewriting & Shorthand. Speed 60 w.p.m. and 100 w.p.m. respectively.

Software knowledge

MS-Word, Excel, Power Point, email and Internet and a little exposure to Adobe Page-Maker.

Training Exposure

Have undergone:

  • Five-day Course on TQM; familiar with Quality Tools and Processes.
  • A course on Train-the Trainer.
  • Kaizen Principle in work-life
  • Six months Banking Training in Canada Bank
  • Well exposed to ISO tools and processes.

Merits & Recognition

Won prizes/ Certificates in English Elocution, Essay Writing, Debates, Many times winner of Long Term Productivity Awards etc.


Highly interactive, team-oriented & empathic, Good in communication, Principled, Religious, Honest, candid and hard-working.


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