Dear …………………………… (Your_Friend_Name_Here)

I am really penitent for my inability in making communications with you since long. I had been on a visit to Mumbai and when I came back I found your letter lying on my table. It was a dream of my life to see the sea, to see a place beyond my own province. I had heard enough of Mumbai and had read in magazines and seen in the pictures. But it was only recently that my long cherished desire of seeing the beautiful city of Mumbai got fulfilled.

I went to Mumbai with five other companions of mine with seats reserved in second class compartment of train at concessional rate one month before the schedule date of journey. The train did not provide us any inconvenience. The city is a large, well planned one with magnificent buildings. I cannot give expressions of my feelings of joys and wonder when I saw vast expanse of water with waves, all in blue. The Juhu beach with a fine bathing place provided us the opportunity to have a beautiful view of the sea. My excitement grew enormously as I bathed in the sea for the first time in my life. The most important features of the city are the tile roofed bungalows along with the din and bustles and the hurry and scurry of city life.

The most delightful Scenes were of the sailors of so many nations walking along the quayside. The city with medium temperature, the docks and ships interested me much. The sight that provided an unforgettable experience is the light house at Manora Island.


The park we visited in Mumbai was a beautiful park called Kamala Nehru Park. You know it very well that Mumbai is the second largest city in India in population and in imports and exports. Mumbai is quite cool from December to the end of February and we had gone to Mumbai in January. The city can boast of the finest harbour in India. The Victoria Terminus of Mumbai is a beautiful station remarkable for its structures. We were overjoyed to view the fine buildings, the secretariat, the University, the Senate Hall, the High Court, the Town Hall, the Cathedral, the Custom House and the Mint. We visited those places as sight-seers.

I had a very short stay in Mumbai. I could not make a thorough visit of the city. You must be busy now preparing your lessons since your examination is drawing nearer. I wish you the best luck in the ensuing examination.

Yours sincerely,

……………………………… (Your_Name_Here)