4 basic leadership styles in the decision-making process are:

There are four basic leadership styles that would support this approach depending upon the nature of situation,

a) Directive leadership:

When the demands of a task on hand are ambiguous, directive leadership is needed. But when the task is inherently clean or clarification is otherwise available, then a high level of directive leadership may impede effective performance.


b) Supportive leadership:

Supportive leadership is friendly and approachable and has the most positive effect on the satisfaction of followers working on unpleasant, stressful or frustrating tasks or tasks that are highly repetitive.

c) Achievement oriented leadership:

This type of performance standards and increases confidence in their ability to meet challenging goals. This is especially true for followers who have clear cut, non repetitive assignments.


d) Participative leadership:

This leadership style encourages subordinate’s participation in the decision-making process. The leadership solicits subordinates suggestions and takes these suggestions seriously into consideration before making decisions.