12 important points of Personality Traits for a leader are given below:

1. Character:

Among the personal characteristics, character ranks the highest. Integrity and sincerity beget trust. No leader can make the people follow him unless he is able to instill confidence in them about his own dependability. Character is the force which wins loyalty and trust.

2. Intelligence:


Leaders are more intelligent than followers.

3. Will Power:

A leader should have the strength to take difficult decisions, and the moral courage and self-confidence to carry out the decisions whatever be the obstacles or opposition.

4. Judgement:


A leader should be a shrewd judge of men and matters. Leaders are supposed to possess better intelligence than their followers.

5. Flexibility of mind and resourcefulness.

6. Vision, clarity of purpose and imagination.

7. Fellow-feeling:


The true leader takes an abiding interest in his followers as individuals with their own sentiments and aspirations. He will identify himself with their successes and failures, joys and sorrows.

8. Faith:

Faith in what one is doing and getting done develops self-confidence.

9. Mental and Physical energy:


The leader must have mental alertness and physical stamina. An energetic leader has a personality impact, while a lethargic man can hardly make his presence felt.

10. Enthusiasm and drive:

These are generally termed as ‘personal motivation’. The urge for leadership must come from within. Drive or initiative is what transforms desire into accomplishment.

11. Emotional stability:


The ability to keep emotions under control, steadiness in thought and speech – These are qualities which make a leader the master of all situations.

12. Tact and humor:

Tact is a sine qua non in human relations, in the art of dealing with people. A sense of humor eases the strain and stress of the work in a day life.