What problems do we face in taking the consumer movement forward?


(i) The consumer redressal process is becoming cumbersome, expensive and time-consuming.

(ii) Many times, consumers are required to engage a lawyer.

(iii) These cases require time for filing and attending the court proceedings, etc.


(iv) In most purchases, cash memos are not issued hence evidence is not easy to gather.

(v) Moreover, most purchases in the market are small retail sales.

(vi) The existing laws also are not very clear on the issue of compensation to consumers injured by defective products.

(vii) After 25 years of the enactment of COPRA, consumer awareness in India is spreading but slowly.


(viii) Besides this, the enforcement of laws that protect workers, especially in the unorganised sectors is weak.

(ix) Rules and regulations for the functioning of markets are often not followed.

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