Short Essay on Consumer Rights


There are many aspects of unequal situations in a market and poor enforcement of rules and regulations.

Hence, there is a need to sensitise people and encourage them to participate in the consumer movements.

Rules are required for the benefit of the consumers-to protect them in the [marketplace. It is most often seen that when there is a complaint about a good or service, the seller tries to shift all the responsibility onto the buyer or the manufacturer.


Consumer awareness through consumer movements, is an effort to change this situation and to safegaurd the interests of the consumers. Logos and certification such as the ISI or Agmark logos help consumers get an assurance of the quality of the goods or services purchased.

The organisations which monitor and issue these certificates allow producers to use only their logos, provided they follow certain quality standards.

However, it is often said that the consumer movements can be effective only with the consumers’ active involvement. Consumer movements and forums therefore, require a voluntary effort and struggle involving the participation of one and all.

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