301 Words Essay on Should There Be Different Rights?


It has been said that all people are not equal in their intelligence or character so why should it be just that all people have the same rights. There are many people who say yes but this essay is going to explain why everyone should have different rights. The mentally ill should have different rights because their caretakers abuse them.

Why? They did something the caretakers thought was wrong. Some mentally challenged people cannot even say their own name. But are supposed to remember social rules and manners? They are human beings are they not? They were born into this world and at least have their natural rights.

The criminals already have different rights. But they should have less than they have now. The felons should not be able to walk the streets in plain clothes. They should have to wear a bright red or orange. Most of the felons when released go back to what they do best. The felons are not supposed to have a firearm in their possession some abide by this rule and some do not. Their possession should be searched through on a regular basis.


Illegal Aliens are a big problem in the United States at the time being. If they do stay they should pay taxes like the average citizen, and should not be able to draw welfare. The laws restricting illegal immigrants should be enforced. And all illegal’s that do not pay taxes should be sent back to their place of origin.

There are many types of people and should be many types of laws and ultimately rights. This issue has only discussed three types of people, but there are hundreds more. Let the people of the world decide if there should be different rights and laws for the many different types of people.

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