Wht are the Essentials Criteria of a Good Newspaper?


The following criteria are essential for a newspaper to be called a good newspaper:

(i) It prints all important news and provides information, comment and guidance that is most useful to its readers;

(ii) It reports fully and explains the meaning of local, national and international events, which are of major significance to its own community. Its editorial comment provides an informed opinion on matters of vital concern to its readers.


(iii) By reflecting the total image of its own community in its news coverage and by providing wise counsel in its editorials, a good newspaper becomes a public conscience. It also must be lively, imaginative and original; it must have a sense of humour and the power to arouse keen interest.

(iv) The staff of the newspaper must possess the professional pride and competence necessary to breathe life and meaning into the daily record of history. Good writing must be combined with an effective typographical display of copy and pictures to capture the full drama and excitement of the day’s news. Good printing is essential.

(v) News and comments of most immediate interest and importance to the local community have priority for the available space, which depends on the size and resources of the newspaper or journal.

(vi) To assure a financially sound, strong and independent publication and one that is competitive with other media, a good newspaper must maintain effective circulation, advertising and promo­tion departments.


(vii) Finally, a good newspaper should be guided in the publication of all material by a concern for truth, the hallmark of freedom, by a concern for human decency and human betterment and by a respect for the accepted standards of its own community.

The above criteria, if duly observed, can certainly gain popularity for a newspaper and pave the way for a sound business foundation.

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