Now a day’s Radio, Television, advertising companies, market research agencies need to devise strategies which can produce the best results, i.e. communicate most effectively.

This requires conducting research which can reflect on the audience’s or consumers’ or viewers’ interests and needs.

Audience research units of AIR and Doordarshan are responsible for collecting, this information, whereas, advertising agencies and other manufacturing companies have their research staff or cell set up specially for conducting market research.

Individuals specialized in mass communication or marketing with research background are suitable for these jobs. They are required to employ various research methodologies and analyze the results.


In UNESCO’S comparative research project, the workforce in media organizations was broadly classified into six occupational categories:

(1) Production:

Jobs associated with production of programmes such as producers, editors, journalists, reporters, news editors, announcers, script writers, unit managers, production managers, production organizers, production assistants, etc.

(2) Craft/Editing:


Work related to design, graphics, wardrobe, make-up, scenery construction, scenery painting, property buying, property setting, film editors general studio assistants, video editors, caption generators etc.

(3) Technical Jobs associated with the technical aspects of programme production or programme transmission, for example, camera operators, lighting electricians, vision mixers, engineers, general technical assistants, transmission control staff, photographic and film laboratory staff, etc.

(4) Administration:

Middle level and higher level jobs in planning, finance, accounts, personnel, sales, public relations, publicity as well as lower level secretarial and clerical posts.