Short notes on the job Specification


Job Specification

Job specification specifies personality requirements, and lists qualifications both physical and mental, necessary to perform the job properly. It is used in informing the prospective employees about minimum acceptable qualities required to get the job and perform well.

It may be a specific period of experience, a specific educational degree or specific physical requirements such as height, weight etc. These specifications specifically relate to:


1. Physical characteristics:

These include general health, height, endurance level, vision, colour discrimination, etc.

2. Psychological characteristics:

These include mental dexterity, judgment – analytical ability, alertness and concentration.


3. Personal characteristics:

These include personal appearance, emotional stability, maturity, aggressiveness, outgoing nature, poise, initiative and drive, leadership qualities, cooperative spirit, conversational ability etc.

4. Responsibilities:

These include supervision of others, responsibility for production, process or equipment; responsibility for the safety of others etc.

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