8 Various aspects of training for fresher and staff

Training is needed for fresher as well as staff with previous experience. Training is a continuous process and it is imported at all levels. To keep the employees abreast with the latest trends training is needed. Training can also increase the productivity of labour. Various aspects of training are given below.

1. Induction:

The trainee is familiarized with the history of the organisation, its place in the market, organisation, and the related aspects.


2. Providing Work Experience:

The trainee is given work experience in all kinds of non- managerial jobs.

3. Assistant to position:

To get coaching and training from executives, trainers are assigned to various executives to act as assistants to them.


4. Observation Assignment:

Trainees are assigned to observe the activities of various managers.

5. Assignment of Job:

At this stage the trainee is assigned to a supervisory job. He has to act and direct things as a staff.


6. Assistant Managers:

Sometimes the trainees are rotated in the position of assistant managers due to the non-availability of suitable managerial training post.

7. Serving on Committees:

Young executives are placed in committees which consist of experienced executives. They will learn lot of things from them.


8. Training outside the Firm:

Sometimes the trainees are given training by outside agencies Of they may be asked to attend seminars, conferences and short term courses run by specialised agencies or training institutes.