7 important steps taken in the selection process as listed by Mc. Murry

Mc. Murry has listed seven steps that can be taken in the selection process.

1. The first step, for the management, is to be thoroughly familiar with the requirements of the job as well as the expectations of the candidate. This would include any leadership qualities or decision making authority inherent in the job.

2. The second step is to conduct a preliminary screening interview before a more comprehensive interview is conducted, to have an initial assessment of the candidate’s abilities and motives. This interview would generally establish a candidate’s goals, aspirations and general attitudes towards the organisation and what the candidate can contribute to the


3. The third step is the completion of a formal application from which summarily lists a person’s background, educations, experience and any special abilities. The data submitted in the application form determine the suitability of the candidate, as well as predicting his chances of success at the job. The information asked for and provided should be relevant to the selection, factual, legal and not unduly sensitive or personal.

4. The fourth step is to check the candidate’s references and seek opinion from his previous employers or instructors, especially in the area of those characteristics that do not show up on application forms. These characteristics include leadership qualities, ability to act assertively and decisively, ability to communicate well and attitude towards subordinates as well as superiors.

5. The fifth step is the in- depth interview which is conducted to evaluate the applicant’s acceptability in terms of his character traits, his ability to fit into the company’s culture, and his motives in joining the company.

An interview can be structured in which well designed questions are asked pertinent to the job and their answers analyzed, or it could be unstructured which is a free thought flowing two way communication.


6. The sixth step is to establish the applicant’s physical health. This can be checked from his medical records as well as thorough physical examination conducted by the company physician. This will ensure that the candidate is physically capable to exercise his responsibilities.

7. The final step is the process of hiring. In some responsible executive positions, the management may want to get socially acquainted before the final decision is made.