6 information on the job Description including information on Duties and Responsibilities:

A job description is a written statement of job analysis containing duties and responsibilities pertinent to the job. It contains the following information:-

a. Job identification:

It includes job title, code number of the job, if any, the department or division.


b. Job summary:

It is a brief summary, in a sentence or two explaining the contents of the job, its hazards or any other specific aspects.

c. Duties performed:

It is a comprehensive listing of the duties together with the importance of each duty and the percentage of time devoted to each major duty. Included are any other additional responsibilities like custody of money, training of subordinates, etc.


d. Supervision:

If supervision is required, then it gives the number of persons to be supervised along with their job titles and the extent of supervision involved – general or close supervision.

e. Machines, tools and equipment used:

This will include the type of machinery handled, and the type of materials used.


f. Working conditions:

It gives us the working environment in which the job holder must work. This includes cold, heat, dust, fumes, and any other hazards that might pose a risk to life and the probability of such a hazard occurring.