What are the objectives and functions of UNCTAD ?


Some of the most important objectives and functions of UNCTAD are given below:-


The objective of UNCTAD is (a) to reduce and eventually eliminate the trade gap between the developed and developing Countries, and (b) and to accelerate the rate of economic growth of the developing world.



The main Functions of the UNCTAD are:

(i) To promote international trade between developed and developing countries with a view to accelerate economic development.

(ii) To formulate principles and policies on international trade and related problems of economic development.


(iii) To make proposals for putting its principles and policies into effect, (iv) To negotiate trade agreements.

(iv) To review and facilitate the coordination of activities of the other U.N. institutions in the field of international trade.

(v) To function as a centre for a harmonious trade and related documents in development policies of governments.



The important activities of UNCTAD include (a) research and support of negotiations for commodity agreements; (b) technical elaboration of new trade schemes; and (c) various promotional activities designed to help developing countries in the areas of trade and capital flows.

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