What was the importance of the Rangpur rebellion?


The Rangpur rebellion of 1783 was significant on many accounts. First, the uprising of 1783 clearly exposed the evils associated with the system of colonial exploitation. Second, the rebellion of 1783 demonstrated the colonial oppression. It also exposed how the law of independent social development was being suppressed by the foreign rulers.

Third, it has been pointed out by Prof. N. Kaviraj that all the native agents of the East India Company were linked with the Company’s high officials in the same chain in oppressing the people of the country. Fourth, the Rangpur rebellion made clear the evils of the Ijaradari system. Devi Singh, an ijaradar of Rangpur showed the way how people could be exploited beyond their endurance. Fifth, the Rangpur uprising paved the way for devising a land settlement that would be permanent in nature.

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