What is the important of 26 January 1950 for India?


In terms of the Resolution adopted at the Lahore Congress (i929) the people of India were to consider themselves independent if the demands of the Congress were not fulfilled by the British. Also the people were to celebrate ‘fake Independence Day’ on 26 January 1930 all over India From 1930 till the achievement of Independence the Indian people had been celebrating 26 January as the fake ‘Independence day’.

This was done in fulfillment of a decision arrived at the Lahore session of the Congress. After India achieved her Independence on 15 August 1947 the national leaders with a view to preserving the memory of the day (26 January) among the people of the India had given effect to our Constitution on the same day in the year 1950. That is to say, from 1950 onwards the so-called ‘Independence Day’ of the pre-Independence period, is being celebrated as the Republic Day.

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