The nails have a very important place in personal hygiene. The impurities are filled in the long nails, which lead to generation of harmful bacteria’s. These bacteria’s cause diseases in the body of a child by entering the body when the child is taking food.

Therefore, it is the duly of the teachers to pay special attention on the cleanliness of the nails.

From the point of view of cleanliness of nails, the habit of keeping long nails in female students in our country is extremely risky because in our country food is cooked and taken with the hands, while in foreign countries this is done by using instruments like forks, knife etc.



1. The nails should be cut regularly by nail-cutter and after cutting them they should be cleaned by brush. Lest they should spoil the food.

2. The teacher should encourage the students to cut their nails regularly and inspire them for cleanliness of nails.

3. One should not put his fingers in eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc.


4. If something dirty is touched or picked-up with the finger, nails along with the hands should be washed properly.