(a) Importance:

Cleanliness of ears is as much important as that of other sense organs, short of which hearing ability may be impaired, swelling and boils may occur causing acute pain and immense discomfort.

Un cleanliness of ears may have severe effects on mind. Hence, ears especially the hearing tube, must be protected from dust and injury. Guard against the “waxing ears” and clean the dross that generally gets deposited on the walls of the hearing tube, otherwise it will get clogged and impair hearing and cause pain.

(b) Methods


1. Clean with soap so that there is no dust on the folder of the ears.

2. Mustard oil or doctor’s syringe may be used to clean the thick liquid that comes from the internal passage. The syringe should not be self-administered.

3. Do not use pencils or match stick to clean ear; it may damage the car drum.

4. Clean the passage of the nose; it will clean the ears as well.


5. Do not slap on the ears or, pull the cars of children; it causes pain and may cause damage.

6. If the ears of the students are paining, it is the duty of the teacher and parents to arrange for its treatment. Whether the students are suffering from the diseases of the ears, the following symptoms can help:

(a) The student standing in front of the teacher is unable to understand or listen to his oral orders.

(b) If the students bend head on the side.


(c) If the students are not attentive to the teacher.

(d) If the liquid flows from the ear or there is swelling in the ear.

(e) If the students breathe from the mouth.

(f) If the student feels headache or giddiness.


7. If the students suffer from pain in the ear or the liquid flows out of the ear, the doctor should be immediately consulted.