The importance of going through Previous Question Papers


It is extremely important to go through previous question papers practiced. Although a few previous question papers are provided in this book, don’t stop here It is strongly suggested that you make a copy of every previous exam you can obtain at the beginning itself.

The demand for these usually increases dramatically as “finals time” draws closer.

The pattern in the previous papers is to be studied carefully. Generally, the same pattern is followed. Even though the examination and the recruitment process is undertaken by the Hon’ble High Court, and there could be a change in pattern.


Keep in mind that no one is born with the ability to analyze problems and write better. Like any skill, it can be developed and perfected only through application. If you don’t take the time to analyze numerous examination papers from prior years, this evolutionary process just won’t occur. It’s also wise to solve previous question papers. You will invariably see-

(1) ways in which the writing could have been improved, and

(2) points that had been missed.

As already noted, if you don’t understand how rules of law translate into issues, you won’t be able to achieve superior rank. Reviewing papers from prior years should also reveal that certain topics tend to be included.


If you can write an issue-packed exam, you probably know that particular area of law. If you can’t, then you probably haven’t yet acquired an adequate understanding as to how those principles of law are applicable to the issues.

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