There is a great truth in the saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Games are necessary for health and proper development of the body. Games keep us bodily fit and free from disease or illness. We learn to remain active and smart by playing. Thus, games cure us of laziness and make us physically as well as mentally alert.

All parts of the human body are dependent on one another. A diseased body cannot have a healthy mind. That is why it is said. “A sound mind in a sound body”. So while games give us good bodily health they also give us a sound mind.

Qualities of leadership and team work are developed best on the playground. It is only here that we learn our first lessons in mutual cooperation and obedience. It is here again that the leader gets his first lessons, and develops his ability to command. Duke of Wellington rightly said that “Waterloo was won on the cricket fields of Eton”.

A sportsman learns to accept his defeat as a part of the game. This attitude helps him when he enters life. In life we do not always succeed. And our life will be made sweet or bitter by the manner in which we take our defeats. If we extend the sportsman spirit to other spheres of life we shall see how it makes our living smooth.


Games are also a great source of recreation. After work there should be play. It will refresh the tired mind and give new strength to the boys. This is perhaps the only recreation which has no evil effect. That is why; sports are such an important part of school education. Games destroy the evil in us and show us the way to use extra energy.

Thus, we find games develop the best in our body and mind. Games have a humanizing effect and make us better men. In short, we can say that games educate and prepare us for life.

Games are catalysts that promote our health and help in the all-round development of personality.

We learn to have patience and tolerance. The joy of winning a game and the pain of defeat all have their ennobling influence on our personality. Outdoor games like Hockey, Cricket, Football, Volleyball and Kabaddi allow us to interact with the elements of nature whereas indoor games such as Chess, Carom-board and Cards help us imbibe the qualities of concentration and large heartedness. Whether one plays on out door game or indoor game, it is certain that he learns to be accommodating and bold.


His reflexes become much quicker. He acquires a better comprehension of his goal and learns to achieve it by concentrating all his faculties of head, heart and hands.