Need and importance of curriculum may be summed up as follows


The teacher is required to achieve the aims of education. For that purpose he has to employ suitable instructional methods and procedures.

But this he can do only when he knows what efforts he is to make and in what order. In other words, he should know the content of curriculum which consists of subjects, activities and experiences in the properly graded form. Curriculum is in fact the ‘warp and woof of the whole educational process. Its need and importance may be summed up as follows:

1. Achievement of Educational Aims


Merely defining the aims of education is futile. There should be well planned efforts to achieve the aims of education. We must think of knowledge, activities, experiences and other influences which help in the achievement of aims of education.

Curriculum need and Importance

1. Achievement of educational aims;

2. Criteria of suitable teachers;


3. Selection of suitable methods;

4. Reflects trends in education;

5. Providing suitable knowledge;

6. Providing suitable activities and experiences;


7. Providing wholesome influences.

There are three main factors of educational process

(a) The aims of education

(b) The curriculum


(c) The instructional methods.

2. Criteria of Suitable Teachers

It is curriculum which can show what types of teachers are required in the schools. We should know what type of work they are required to do and this is according to the requirements of curriculum.

3. Selection of Suitable Methods


Curriculum enables the teacher to select suitable methods of teaching. ‘How to teach’ will be determined by ‘what to teach’.

4. Reflects Trends in Education

Curriculum is a means to achieve the aims of education which are dynamic and go on changing with the changing social requirements. Naturally, the curriculum will reflect the trends in education. For example, modern education places following demands on the curriculum:

(a) Providing Suitable Knowledge. Curriculum should include suitable knowledge which will help in the achievement of aims of education.

(b) Providing Suitable Activities and Experiences. Curriculum includes well selected activities and experiences needed for the development of pupils according to social requirements.

(c) Providing Wholesome Influences. Curriculum should provide wholesome school programme to develop the desirable behaviour patterns in the pupils.

Thus we see that curriculum is an important instrument or means to achieve the ends of education.

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