“It is better to declare the truth and be rejected, other than to withhold it just to be accepted.”

Honesty is what counts in someone’s character. Sometimes we forget. However, most Kenyans never do that. It’s a taboo for them to lie, be corrupt and manhandle other Kenyans.

In almost every country we have Kenyans living or working. What they claim is a cliché only, “proud to be Kenyan,” yet they understand what it means. Each and everyday something so bad happens to a Kenyan or Kenyans rather, in the country. But due to the ignorance from the government and rejection, they end up either dead, displaced or in cries.

I wonder what type of leaders we have. We have tycoons, prominent people, wealthy people, but we still hear cries from the forgotten folks. People who make up the title Kenya. It is so devastating to have people in our own land suffer while others live luxurious and flamboyant lifestyles.


Not long ago, I was in Zambia, a very interesting country south. As we were watching news with some of them, a certain report that captured my attention was shown. The displacement of Kenyans during the post-election violence, and the poor lifestyle and conditions people live; terming them as “degrading to the human society and Africa as a continent.”

Everyone knew that I was from Kenya and was on holiday. I was so embarrassed, so ashamed that I felt like leaving the place back home. Why? We seem to be smart, wealthy and of good company but leave our brothers in problems as they suffer as if they are not Kenyans.

Why leave your brother with nothing yet you have plenty of it? Kenyans are practically selfish people. Only a few have the heart to assist someone in need. The rest, Hypocrites! A bunch of them.

You preach what you practice not. Very religious you seem, but all teachings go out once the church service is over. A great number of Kenyans are Christians. Yes! Then who preaches to you? It’s high time we say the truth. Many will totally disagree with me, claiming I have no prove, or am a liar. That is just one way of a coward accepting the fact.


Leaders cheat us with false aspirations yet we still vote for them; lawyers cheat in court, yet the government approves them to do their jobs; doctors tell us mysterious names of diseases they come up with, yet all they do is claim payment before treatment. What if some poor fellow gets sick, and lacks finance? Teachers cheat our children, yet the government claims to be going with the syllabus. What nonsense? Is evolution and God one and the same thing? Pastors cheat foolish believers, claiming to have the ability to bless and forgive. What type of god do they pray to?

Everything’s a fraud. Fake! Annoying and embarrassing for grown men to talk. Is this all about being a Kenyan? Born clean, brought up clean, but living a dirty life. Why not change? Everyday people steal, some are killed, floods, corrupt police officers-who are the dirtiest, tribalism, hatred, diatribes from our leaders who “think” they form good leaders.

We all are liars, thieves, murderers and all that accompanies them. Show me one good man, I will show you thousands of them just the opposite. Hate me; love me, that’s up to you. Change begins from each one of us, not the country nor the president nor the pastor. They are all corrupt, dirty and worse because of their post and wealth in the society. Let us grow up, change and make the best of each other.

A wise person sometimes changes his heart, but a fool, never.