Friendship is almost a cult. But as in religion, so in friendship also we come across imposters and pretenders. The world is a mixture of the good and the evil, the worldly and the unworldly, the human and the inhuman. It, therefore, should not surprise you if you meet Satan himself in the guise of a friend. It is the sweet and the bitter part of our life.

As true friend is one who stands by you through thick and thin. Friends that wealth and status bring are generally articles which can be bought and sold. Each of them has a certain price. It is only at a moment of trial that the personality of a person is truly tested. And likewise it is only at such moments that a friend is known from a foe.

Prosperity makes friends; adversity tries them. As long as you are in luck you are lucky with your friends too. But once your life takes a turn for the worse they will desert you one by one. There may be one or two who will stay with you and make your needs their own. They are the gold under the chaff.

My friend Ramesh was ever boasting of his friendship for me. We spent many a memorable days together. Life with Ramesh was costly as I had to spend not for myself alone but for him too. Days passed easily, profession of his love for me increasing with each day, till finally the day came when I stood in great need of help and sympathy. I found myself involved in a criminal case. I stood in fear of arrest as I had entered into a business deal which resulted not only in total loss of finances but also in making my character suspicious in the eyes of the law. I requested him to stand surety for me but instead of obliging me he blamed me and gave me a lengthy sermon or, morality and walked off. This he did in spite of the fact that he (for one) knew that I was innocent and a victim of circumstances. Now I realized my stupidity in relying on him as a friend. I understood now that he was a fair weather friend. I learnt the hard way that a friend in need is a friend indeed. I repented that I had nourished a foe in the garb of friend.

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