Be the Change to Improve Yourself


Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

This is a very profound and thought provoking statement. It has raised many debates among people, as to how it can be applied in the daily life and manifests your own life the way you want to.

According to T.Harv Eker,”There are three levels of creations, i.e. Wanting, Choosing and Committing. But they all have their limitations in the application to your daily life.


Wanting leads to more wanting. You may want to be rich or happy, but there is no limit or dead line for richness or happiness. The more you get, the more you want.

Choosing may lead to coming to terms with life. It is a decision, not a transformation. You may have to make compromises to achieve what you choose to be.

Committing is like a contract. You are committed to reach your goals by whatever it takes. You may have to do things that you might regret later.

But what defines “be the change” is the process of ‘being’.


Imagine being the person you have always admired, and see how he acts in his daily life.

Imagine a healthy person, and find what he did to achieve a healthy body and mind.

You should use this idea on a practical level. Decide what you want to be, set the goal by choosing it and then commit to achieving it.

Read about people who have already achieved similar goals. Spend some time everyday to feel as if it is you who have done it, and then try to be that person.


Build this habit and in no time you will have the change. Perseverance and patience is necessary to see realise your dreams.

By being, can you actually become. By being, the process of changing has already begun. You will see the opportunities and the ideas to be the person you want to become, because you will perceive the circumstances through the eyes of a person who already has achieved the change.

So,’ Be the Change’ and see the world around you also change.

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