What are the main functions National Malaria control Programme (NMCP)?


It was launched by Government of India in April 1953. Its aim was to reduce the incidence of malaria by residual spraying with DDT. The programme operated successfully for 5 years.

National Malaria Eradication Programme (NMEP) Year in which started : 1958

Reasons for starting : 1. encouragement by the success of NMCP 2. Fear of mosquitoes developing resistance to insecticides.


Phases of NMEP: It was divided into 4 phases:

1. Preparatory phase: It was not taken up because of experience gained by NMCP.

2. Attack phase: Its aim was complete insecticidal coverage with DDT spraying.

3. Consolidation phase: In this, spraying was withdrawn and surveillance was continued.


4. Maintenance phase: There were no indigenous cases of malaria. So the antimalarial units were handed over to state governments for maintenance.

Modified plan of operation: It was started from 1st April 1977. Its aims are:

1. reduction in death and mobility due to malaria.

2. reduction in transmission.

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