It was launched by Government of India in April 1953. Its aim was to reduce the incidence of malaria by residual spraying with DDT. The programme operated successfully for 5 years.

National Malaria Eradication Programme (NMEP) Year in which started : 1958

Reasons for starting : 1. encouragement by the success of NMCP 2. Fear of mosquitoes developing resistance to insecticides.

Phases of NMEP: It was divided into 4 phases:


1. Preparatory phase: It was not taken up because of experience gained by NMCP.

2. Attack phase: Its aim was complete insecticidal coverage with DDT spraying.

3. Consolidation phase: In this, spraying was withdrawn and surveillance was continued.

4. Maintenance phase: There were no indigenous cases of malaria. So the antimalarial units were handed over to state governments for maintenance.


Modified plan of operation: It was started from 1st April 1977. Its aims are:

1. reduction in death and mobility due to malaria.

2. reduction in transmission.