How to write a Paragraph ?


A paragraph is a group of sentences dealing with a single theme. These sentences are logically arranged expressing a thought on one and the same topic. Paragraph writing tests a student’s ability to think fast and connect different aspects’ the paragraph not only tests a student’s awareness of the various issues but also his ability to argue a point convincingly. Besides, paragraph writing also reveals whether a student is capable of organizing his thoughts logically in a limited time. Apart from these, paragraph writing also tests a student’s fluency in English.

In a paragraph, the main though is stated in the opening sentence and is then amplified or elaborated in the following lines or body of the paragraph

How to write a good paragraph


1. Single theme:

As a paragraph should cover only one theme, the main though, if needed, is stated in the opening sentence and this theme should be kept in mind while writing the other sentence of the paragraph.

2. Main though:

Though the main thought is often stated in the opening sentence of a paragraph, this need not always be the case. To attract the attention of the readers, one can also make the opening sentence of a paragraph a striking one.


3. Coherence:

The sentences of a paragraph, though independent by themselves, should be stated in a logical manner.

4. Natural sequence:

Each sentence that follows the opening sentence should emanate from the previous sentence in a natural fashion.


5. Unity:

A paragraph should have structural unity with every sentence of a paragraph reflecting the main theme. While writing a paragraph, this aspect should be uppermost in mind as unity of theme and structure makes a paragraph a tight well-knit unit or an organic whole.

6. Ending:

While closing the paragraph, care should be taken to make the ending as effective as possible. In other words, one should pay as much attention to the closing sentence as one pays to the opening sentence.


7. Style:

This is the manner of wr4iting which characterizes a particu8lar writer. While writing sentences one should avoid verbosity or more words than are needed. Similarly one should stay away from verbiage or the use of more difficult words. After all, brevity is the soul of wit. While choosing the apt words that convey one’s thoughts, care should be taken to arrange the words in the sentence or phrases according to the rules of grammar (syntax).

8. Readability:

The sentences should be easy or enjoyable to read. To ensure this, long sentences should be avoided. Instead of using too many compound or complex sentences, simple sentences should be used as far as possible. Such an approach will ensure that the reader’s mind is not taxed.


9. Limit:

An ideal paragraph should not contain more than 150 to 200 words.


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