Every organization needs and services of trained persons for performing the activities in a systematic way. Training is an organized procedure for increasing the knowledge and skill of people for a specific purpose.

The trainees acquire new skill, technical knowledge, problem-solving ability etc. while education improves the knowledge and understanding of employees in a general way, training aims at increasing the aptitudes, skills and abilities of the workers to perform specific job.

Every concern has to arrange some kind of training for preparing workers for jobs and also keeping them acquainted with the latest technological advancements.

A supervisor is one who supervises the work of others. He is in the middle management cadre. He is the key figure on whose efficiency depends the efficiency of the office.


A person, however capable and component, cannot do his best at a job unless he is systematically trained in the correct methods of work. Training is necessary for the following reasons:

1. Training improves the performance.

2. A trained supervisor derives happiness and job satisfaction.

3. The degree of supervision required for a trained employee will be less.


4. A proper use of materials and machines in a systematic way causing less wastage.

5. A trained worker can be more adaptable to change them than an untrained one.

6. Training helps in reducing labour turnover and absenteeism.

7. Training helps in development of employees.


8. Training makes the personnel more skilled and accurate in performance.

9. It builds up confidence in the organization, develops loyalty and improves team work.

10. Training facilitates to improve quantity and quality of output.