How to renovate your elevator system?


When elevator, systems are renovated, selection of a solid-state elevator machine control system is recommended.

Electric Stairways:

Electric stairways provide an economical and efficient means of vertical transportation. As they operate continuously without floor stops or doors to open close, they handle peak loads and slack times automatically.


Electric stairways have long been long popular for stores and passenger terminals. Modern trends in hotel make the electric stairway valuable for handling traffic to second or third floors thus reducing elevator requirement.

Electro Hydraulic Elevators:

Generally hydraulic elevators are not considered when the travel from the bottom terminal landing floor to the top terminal landing floor is more than 10 m. For distance less than this, the hydraulic elevator has many outstanding points of superiority. It is the least expensive to purchase and maintenance.

The very best in elevator performance, within the limits of the speed and rise, can be had for less than the least expensive in electric elevators. There is no hoisting machinery to be placed in a penthouse.


The full weight of the cab and load is carried on the plunger or “jack”, the hoist way is similar for a given cab size because space need not be provided for counter weights. The plunger and its casing are installed as a unit, similar to a well.

The reinforced pit floor carries the load, soil conditions should be investigated because drilling in rock is a very expensive operation.

Operating machinery, consisting of a motor driven pump and control valve, can be placed anywhere but preferably in the basement in the general machinery room.

There is no limitation on the run of oil piping, although short run are to be encouraged, Sound isolation is not a problem as an elevator operation is extremely smooth and practically noiseless. It is always good practice, however, to treat the machine room accordingly. Vibration in the line of the hydraulic pipe is sometime encountered if short run are attempted in the line.

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