How to remove unemployment in India?


How to remove unemployment in India?

Steps to Remove Unemployment

Indian Economic Development and Elementary Statistics


2. Adoption of Labour Intensive Techniques:

Despite the fact that the Strategy of Prof. Mahalanobis for basic and key industries is based on capital intensive techniques, our government should try to adopt labour intensive techniques for new fields of production.

3. Rapid Industrialization:

To solve the problem of industrial unemployment, remedy lies in stepping up industrial efficiency. It means that the expansion of existing and the development of new industries are urgently required. Some basic industries like iron and steel industries, defense, chemical, power generation and atomic etc., should be set up.


4. Population Control:

There is no second opinion to say that population in India is rising at a very high speed. Unless this problem is not checked, the problem of unemployment cannot be solved properly.

Efforts should be made to raise the agricultural and industrial production. Therefore, special drive should be made to make the programme of family planning a good success especially in rural and backward regions of the country.

5. Re-orientation of Education System:


As regards the problem of educated unemployment in urban areas, India should reconstruct and overhaul the education system according to the changing environment of the country.

There must be vocationalisation of education. Proper education should be imparted to the younger men who will be in position to start certain cottage and small scale industries of their own choice especially at village level.

6. Extension of Social Services:

India is still lagging behind in the sphere of education, medical science and other services as compared to the advanced countries of the West. Therefore, efforts should be made to extend these services to rural folks in the backward regions of the country.


7. Decentralization:

Experience shows that lack of gainful opportunities of employment in villages and small towns has led to the migration of people to metropolitan cities in search of alternative jobs.

This has created the problem of over crowdedness and urbanization. Under these circumstances, it is advisable to encourage industries around small towns preferably according to the local environments.

8. Encouragement to Small Enterprises:


To provide the opportunities for self employment, small scale industries should be given top priority. They should be provided liberal loans, raw material training facilities and infrastructure and market facilities etc.

It is a good luck that Sixth Five Year Plan (1980-85) has given due consideration to provide these facilities under the scheme of self-employment. Similar steps have been proposed in Eighth Five Year Plan.

9. Guiding Centers and More Employment Exchanges:

The economists are of unanimous view that more employment exchanges should be opened in rural as well as in urban areas to give guidance to the people to search employment. They should also be motivated for self employment proposals.

10. Rural Development Schemes:

As rural sector is dominant and agriculture is the basic occupation of the people, therefore, urgent need of the hour is to introduce rural development schemes.

It is correctly believed that there is no other remedy than a massive programme of investment in rural development and massive injection of science and technology into the methods of production followed in rural areas in their agricultural and non-agricultural activities.

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